Leslie Waghorn, MA | Les Ink, LLCLeslie Waghorn, MA is a passionate behavior change agent, social media strategist and health communicator.

She has provided strategy and implementation for numerous campaigns for the nation’s leading health authorities. Her accomplishments include managing the research, development, distribution and launch of the CDC’s first infographics, with an overall project reach of more than 39 million unique, earned online media impressions within the United States. Her efforts on the same project saw a 602% increase in actual SNS conversions and an earned online influencer win rate of 30%.

She has advised clients on social media issues management and guided them through social media crises. In one instance, Leslie guided a HRSA client through a crisis to a 72.5 percent point increase in positive online sentiment about the program.

Leslie is the founder of The Scientific Parent, a blog that provides parents with trustworthy and judgment-free information, from scientists and public health professionals that are also parents. She has also written posts for numerous other websites including Disruptive Women in Health Care and Health Care DIY as well as spoken at numerous conferences.

Leslie has focused her academic work on early childhood vaccine safety communication, specifically around the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. The catalyst for her research came when she was hospitalized with H1N1, which she contracted from an unvaccinated child whose parents did not believe in vaccination. Her graduate capstone focused on the use of loss and gain-framed narratives on parental intent to vaccinate versus the CDC VIS control.

Leslie holds a BA with combined honors in Political Science and History from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She received her MA in Communication, with a concentration in health and strategic communication, from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.